Senior Citizens as World Travelers

Feb 11th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Are you a world traveler?  Have you visited some of the world’s major cities?  If so, lets invite you to take a National Geographic Quiz on the most famous cities at  I did not do very well myself, except on Paris and where I lived for a year, but it certainly was fun.


National Geographic Traveler “all travel all the time” has many helpful links and sites for senior travelers and each is well done.  Specific sites focus on places, photography, blogs, national parks, drives, geotourism and more.


One of the best sites I have come across for finding a particular address with a map anywhere in the world is Michelin’s On a recent trip to France I was able to input all the hotel addresses and print out a nice map of each so we where knew exactly where we were going and not wasting valuable time searching.  Type in your own city and see what happens.  You can draw down to the finest points and even find your own home and print it all out.  Not only does Michelin have great tires, they have an excellent map site too.


In October 1999 National Geographic Traveler showcased 50 of the world’s top destinations, places that every curious traveler should visit in a lifetime. Now they are expanding their Places of a Lifetime franchise online, with personal essays on top destinations and the addition of a wealth of timely service information, from insiders’ tips on the best places to stay and eat, to great books and music, to recommended walking tours. In our online Places of a Lifetime you’ll find both inspiration and practical travel tips.  The Photo Galleries and Walking Tours are excellent and can provide much information prior to your departure to make your visit even more enjoyable in dozens of cities.  I can not recommend this site highly enough.  You can spend hours here.  It is one of my best choices as a travel aid. jeb

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