Senior Car Rentals in Europe

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A few years back I was in France for an extended period (8 weeks) and wanted a rental car.  What I found was a offer from Renault. It was a good deal and worked out very well; I’m comfortable recommending it.

More recently I rented a car in Paris from Europcar.  They are a large group in Europe. The car came with the 8-day package deal from European Destinations that my daughter found on-line. It proved to be a good deal and they even upgraded me to a larger four-door Ford instead of a tiny Twingo model by Renault.  I found that their bright green signs were everywhere.  I did make a special trip to the airport in Nice prior to leaving the car there the next day at 5 AM which I felt was wise as the office was quite hidden in a twisted area of the airport.  A nice Mapquest Map of the airport was helpful in getting me there to drop off the car as I had no GPS.

If you’re a North American resident and plan to drive in Europe for 21 days or longer, Renault Eurodrive short-term auto leasing program can help you save money and avoid insurance hassles. You can save money by leasing anything from a minicar to a minivan from Renault Eurodrive. You can pick up or drop off your factory-fresh Renault at any of 33 locations in nine countries.  So if you live outside the European Union and need a car for several weeks or months, reserve your car with Renault EuroDrive.

With Eurolease ™, an Australian owned family business, you can travel in style throughout Europe in a brand-new European luxury vehicle for an all inclusive up front price.  Thanks to the French Government initiative designed to encourage tourism, they offer you a brand new tax free Citroen, Peugeot or Renault vehicle to lease, straight from the showroom floor.

GOOGLE has lots of European Car Rentals sites listed and you may want to check out some of these as well.

Another short and helpful site is Europe for Visitors focusing on car rentals. If you’d like to drive around Europe, you can’t bring your own car, and you live outside the European Union, you have two options for obtaining a vehicle: renting or a short-term lease.  Renting is just what you’d expect: You pay by the day or week, with or without mileage fees, as you’d do at home.  Short-term leasing, also called “buy back” or “purchase-repurchase,” may be an even better choice if you need a car for 17 to 21 days or longer. Undoubtedly Avis, Hertz and others can help you as well; do check out this information. jeb

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