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I often find myself walking through many aisles in a Walgreens or CVS trying to find those little travel-sized items.  When I do find them they often do not carry what I am looking for so I have to settle for a substitute.  Here is a website that carries all kinds of those favorite products and with their extensive inventory, they will ship right to your door.  All Travel Sizes has a neat motto: “Everything you need…just smaller.”  It is a good means to comply with the TSA 3-1-1 Rule for Carry-ons.


Is the economy ruining your vacation plans? Have you crossed fabulous destinations such as New York, Paris, and Tokyo off the list because they’re too pricey?  Perhaps it’s time for a new strategy. In a new article on Bing Travel, Travel+Leisure suggests 15 destinations spanning the globe — many of which may be new even to the most intrepid traveler — that will stretch your dollar further.  So what if the euro costs too much? Eschew Tuscany and Burgundy for now, and head to the Moravia region of the Czech Republic for rolling vineyards and castle-topped towns. Would Copenhagen put a dent in your wallet? Consider Reykjavík, Iceland. The collapse of the country’s financial system has made its cafes, nightspots and spas affordable.

Planning a trip? Those who love to travel know the essence of all travel is about you and the road. For a true traveler the destination is only a minor detail.  When you plan your travel, experiencing the culture and delving deeper into the unfamiliar is important. Before you begin to crack the travel guides, pick a destination or plan a travel itinerary, visit some of these off the beaten path travel sites. Whatever level of expertise you tout, whether it is international travel, student travel, discount travel or just plain old USA travel, these sites are guaranteed to expand your horizons.

  • has 50 Travel Sites you probably have never heard of.  As per usual yours truly encourages you to check them all out just to learn a little more and to have more savvy about traveling.
  • Browse travel and tourism top blogs with Google.  It is pretty loaded.  Yesterday it was 6,581,452 for travel and tourism items for search blogs.  If you come across some good news, send it to me. jeb

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