Seniors: The “Miam Miam” Way to Travel

Jan 11th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Napoleon famously said that “an army travels on its stomach.”  The same could be said for many vacationers, true “foodies ” who journey not only to see the world, but to taste it. One of my most enjoyable trips to plan was for a surgeon friend who wanted to spend a gourmet week in France with his wife.  Money not being an object, I arranged for them to dine at the classic Tour D’ArgentAux Lyonnais, and Taillevent in Paris. 

Between Paris and the Côte d’Azur, Lyon has always enjoyed gastronomy of world-renown.  Here they had a “totally decadent food experience” at the Institut Paul Bocuse, a culinary and hotel management school, and as far as decadent is concerned, it doesn’t get any better.

Another “must eat” stop for them was the Oustau de Baumanière. Since its inception, the top quality service and lodging of Hotel Oustau de Baumanière has attracted the rich and famous. For Americans, it is the most popular dining destination in France after Paris and the valley of the Loire.  Here is where Princess Grace of Monaco often dined. Reservations are something like months in advance.

Other experiences included fine dining in Bourgogne and Provence.  The Couvent des Minimesis nestled on the hillside and drenched in Provençal sunshine in Luberon, a Minim convent that was first home to nuns before being converted into an upscale hotel.  This site is worth visiting just for the many cool photos and video stream; they have a “special offer” going on right now from 225 to 550 euros a week.  So get out that calculator and calculate as the euro is worth about $1.50.

Their last request was a famous vineyard in France and so they had to visit this site. They loved their trip so much that his wife bought a travel agency and decided to travel even more.

If food is an important part of your travel, check out Gourmet Voyager. Just don’t forget the French term for yummy…”Miam, Miam!” jeb


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