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My brother and his wife have traveled a great deal in Europe.  They always insisted on knowing where they would be staying each and every night while on the road.  More than once this meant that they would miss monuments, special events, “must see sites” just because they felt insecure. 

My wife and I prefer just the opposite.  We have always preferred  to “take a chance”, explore a bit and trust our luck.  Inevitably we would find a room for the night.  This always gave us a little sense of adventure that my brother and his wife were lacking.  We love adventure. 

Only once did we ever have a problem and that was in Spain. We came into Toledo mid-afternoon.  After searching for a room for more than two hours, we finally gave up.  Every room was taken in the entire city due to a huge convention.  We drove 30 miles east, found a room and returned the next day.  We were glad that we did as Toledo is a marvelous city in which to roam and enjoy all the history, shops and souvenirs.  If you are going to Madrid, a day trip to Toledo is almost a “must visit.” Toledo is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Vibrant in history, the old center of the city can become packed with tourists during the weekends of high season, but if you can only do one day trip out of Madrid, this is the city to see.  Spain is full of World Heritage Sites and each well worth the visit.

Do you crave adventure?  Every consider retiring abroad? Retire Worldwide will begin a 180 day search For Best Place To Live And Retire beginning January 17, 2010.  They will embark on an eye-popping 180 day ”amazing race” covering 6 countries and over 15,000 miles to reveal the best places in the world for lifestyle, investment, and retirement.  They intend to answer the question burning in the minds of the more than 50 million Americans now approaching retirement:

  • Can you live a better life overseas?
  • Which places in the world are the most attractive for lifestyle and retirement?
  • Are there business and investment opportunities abroad?  If so where, and what are the risks and returns?
  • What about health care and medical services abroad?
  • What are the immigration requirements and which countries offer incentives for new residents?

Why not tag along and follow their journey just for the fun of it?  jeb

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