Airports and Travel Deals for Seniors

Jan 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Heading to the airport? These guides to the 25 busiest U.S. airports will let you know the cheapest place to park, the quickest way to get through security, the best options for dining and shopping, real-time flight information and more. Airport Guides has that information for you. 

Airfare Watchdog can find you a cheap flight from any airport.  You type in the airport and up comes the best flight deals and lists the destinations with prices. I put in ORD (Chicago) and Cancun.  Found a flight for only $399 on USA3000.  If you have never flown on this airline, I can attest that it is a good one and they fly the Airbus 320-214; that is a big one. 

This airlines handles the Apple Vacation itineraries and while I do not want to get into plugging vacation packages as there are so many online, I can attest to the great planning and super trips that Apple Vacations has.  They are also the #1 tour operator in the USA.  I have taken the USA3000  flight to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic a few times. 

Incidently, while I am on the subject I will give you some information on Iberostar.  Our vacation there was all-inclusive and I can not recommend highly enough this type of trip.  Hopefully you have or will have had the same experience on your trip(s).

Sherman’s Travel Deals found in USA Today includes their top 25 deals. Check out their deals as they run the gamut from Expedia, Travelocity,  Marriott, Cheap Carribean, Starwood and iExplore.  Tons of good deals.  If you are seriously looking, it is time to get serious and explore these deals as they won’t last long.

Consumer Search notes that “although users can’t book flights or reservations through, it’s one of the most popular sites for reviews of hotels and attractions. Experts and amateurs alike appreciate the huge archive of reviews on this travel site, and say that the accompanying photographs and ranking system come in handy when choosing which hotels and attractions to book in advance. Most also point out, however, that a critical eye is needed when evaluating certain reviews, and that the quality and authenticity is variable. TripAdvisor also includes a search engine for hotel bookings and flights that while similar to, falls short in terms of features and number of sites searched.”

Consumer Search lists Kayak as the Best Travel Search Engine, Hotwire as Best for Hotel Discounts, Yapta for Airline Travelers, Priceline for Best Travel Bidding Site and TripAdvisor for Reviews of Hotels and Attractions.   Other sites offering travel suggestions and opinions include Kiplinger CNN Times on Line (UK), Planet Rider’s Best Travel.  That should keep you busy until tomorrow…or next week.  Do come back.  jeb


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