Let’s Travel, Seniors!!

Jan 7th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Town and Country Magazine Travel Tips for Packing is another good resource for learning a few more good tips.  Susan Crandell writes, “I never check a bag.  As a result, my luggage is never lost and it always arrives at my destination at the same instant I do. Over the years I’ve saved hundreds of hours by avoiding the baggage carousel.”  Her article is entitled The Well-Packed Suitcase: Never check a bag:  How to carry on for your five-day trip.

Christopher Elliot is a travel columnist and an msnbc.com contributor.  He lists here the Five Common Travel Mistakes and how to fix them.

Travel Blog, Aka: The Beginners Guide to Independent Travel, is a travel guide expressly designed for the adventure traveler.  This document/site is the culmination of years of travel experience coupled with information gained from questions posted on their Travel Forum.

Sherman’s Travel claims to have the “Best Deals and Expert Advice” and can provide the latest Flight Deals and latest Flight Picks.  

Some site specialize in travel advice for style-conscious women. How to Travel In Style suggests “It’s easy to look your best while en route and when you arrive at your destination. Staying that way is quite another thing. Here’s how to do both.”

Geographic Expeditions operates worldwide, offering a sensationally varied roster of small group and private treks, expeditionary voyages, overland tours, and walking trips to the world’s most beguiling places.  Their groups are small, their leaders expert, and their  passion for out-of-the-way travel is intense.  For a listing of all their different country programs click on http://www.geoex.com/destinations/index.asp.

Oh no Jim… not another Best Trip Planning Tips. Oh yes, and this one states…”Don’t book that dream trip until you’ve read our can’t miss trips on planning your getaway.”  So what are you waiting for?



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