A Mishmash of Travel Information for Seniors

Jan 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Fact:  Your luggage probably looks just like 90% of what is coming through on the luggage carousel.  Let me guess: it’s black with a few zippered pockets?  Snap a couple of pictures of  your bags.  If they wind up in New Zealand or Singapore, it will be much easier to show the airline lost baggage counter a photo rather than trying to explain how it is “big and black with zippers and small wheels.”  Experienced travelers advise a brightly colored bag that IS different from all the rest as you look for your bag coming from the airplane.

Travel Axis has listed quality travel directories that found to be useful and resourceful. They recommend you to gather more information from these directories, but caution that they are not responsible for their accuracy. The purpose of this list is to provide one-stop information for the benefit of travel information seekers and travel organizations.  It is fun just to check out the dozens of sites that even have GOOGLE ratings.

10 Japanese Customs You Must Know Before a Trip to Japan will help you to better know some key Japanese customs; you will get closer to the locals and see beneath the surface of Japan.  I remember the one about chopsticks.  This may sound a little weird but each is frowned upon in Japan:

  • Waving chopsticks above food dishes.
  • Sticking chopsticks into food instead of picking them up.
  • Picking up a cup/bowl with the hand that is holding your chopsticks.
  • Sucking chopsticks.
  • Sticking chopsticks vertically into a bowl of rice.
  • Passing food from your chopsticks to somebody else’s chopsticks.

Travel Tips: 12 Clever Uses for Your Digital Camera gives advice such as,  use your digital camera to take your own photos of your rental car the minute you pick it up.  This is a good one as anyone who has fought with a rental car agency over a scratch, dent or broken item on the car knows the importance of documenting each prior to leaving the agency.  Reputable agencies have a list of all of these on a printed sheet.  Check them out and make sure that ALL of these are on the sheet . If not, document.  In China, Japan or some other exotic area take a picture of your hotel and the nearest street sign.  Find a large, complete map of the local subway system and snap a picture of it.  There are more, so take a look.  That’s it for today.  jeb

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