Advice for Senior Women Travelers

Feb 4th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

The Internet provides a lot of assistance for senior women who love to travel.  Many women don’t want to travel alone, and may find difficulty convincing friends to travel with them; after all, travel preferences can vary a great deal, even among friends. 

These sites may be helpful for those of you who are searching for options:

  • For women over 50 Social Jane can pair you up with a companion who shares your interests and who is searching for a travel partner.
  • Senior Women Web is another site that has many travel resources and links designed for women over 50.  
  • Transitions Abroad may be one of the best “finds” that I have come across, with great links for travel abroad, tours, programs, volunteer opportunities, travel websites and travel publications.  I am very impressed with this site!
  • Here is a very interesting site focusing on women traveling to Europe.  Here you can find advice for various issues for women traveling in Europe—what to expect on vacation from Italian Romeo wannabes to overly gallant Frenchmen to icky Greek shopkeeps (and a few nice guys thrown in).  European travel is as easy for women as it is for men. You may get complimented, whistled at, pinched, prodded, or propositioned, but you’re probably physically safer there than you are at home. Of course, it always pays to play it safe. Stick to populated streets after dark, and know where the bad neighborhoods are. The bottom line, sad as it may be, is that physically you have much less to worry about in Europe than you do in most parts of the United States.
  • Independent travel isn’t just for men; women travel on their own everywhere.  Yet most solo travel and backpacking information is geared to men. Women are lucky if they get a tiny mention here or there.  Women on the Road addresses backpacking and is a site written by a woman and for women.  The author writes, “I was terribly insecure when I first started backpacking (my preferred form of travel): I had no women travel advice, no lists, no real plan, and very little money. I just trusted things would go well. They did – but they might not have.”  Now you can have a resource that caters to your needs and desires if you are a backpacker.

Seniors Travel Guide and Third Age Travel both focus on feature stories and travel related subjects geared to seniors; they each have sections on women travelers.  Travel 50 & Beyond magazine is written for readers ages 50 or older, including women traveling alone. Each issue of Travel 50 & Beyond magazine features practical tips, vacation ideas and discounts for finding the best travel values for primarily North American destinations. With more than 375,000 readers each issue, Travel 50 & Beyond is the only travel magazine that is written and designed specifically for people who are 50 and older.

Ladies (and gentlemen too!), group your money, extra keys, extra passport pix, passport, credit cards and other important documents in a pouch that can be worn under clothing in a secure manner. Wear the pouch in the front of you.  This something that I do and highly recommend that you do the same.  You will always know where your valuable are by the slight bulge on your chest.  I love Magellan microfiber clothing with the secret zipper in the left front pocket.  Their shirts are the same.  Knowing that all is well and perfectly safe and that no pickpocket is going to rob you gives you the sense of security you need.  Travel safely and enjoy each day.  jeb



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