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Jan 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Airline passengers have scored a major victory with the Transportation Department’s new regulation that requires airlines to let travelers get off airplanes after they have been delayed on the tarmac for three hours.  The new policy for domestic flights, which goes into effect in April, 2010, imposes fines of $27,500 per passenger for each violation of the new three-hour rule.

Getting off the tarmac however does not come without its spinoffs and counter balance problems.  This new rule requiring airlines to unload waiting passengers after three hours could cause more delays. Some have suggested that carriers and the government work together on a more flexible system.

A federal order requiring airlines to unload passengers after precisely three hours on the tarmac will not bring significant relief to most waiting passengers. Despite the horror stories of people cramped in planes for six hours or more — and those do happen — tarmac waits of more than three hours occur only about three times per day, on average, a barely noticeable blip among the more than 28,000 daily commercial flights in this country.

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