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Seniors: How Do You Know Who To Trust?

Jun 29th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How do I know I can trust my family? How do I know that in the face of impending need, an emergency, planning for the end of my life, ordinary day to day living, my family will be there for me, acting in my best self interest? Are there any indicators that something might be brewing which would raise serious questions of trustworthiness?

A recent death brought all these questions to mind. It was not an immediate family member, but a close friend and companion of our family member. Their acquaintance had developed years ago, becoming a friendship which lasted beyond the deaths of both their sp0uses. For more than decade, they had become fast companions, enjoying the presence of each other, while never living together. Their relationship was deep and abiding, genuine and meaningful for both of them. In the intervening years she had moved into an assisted care facility. He maintained his own home, just scant minutes away. They lunched together each week. They shopped and took care of