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Sep 30th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Usually twice a day now, morning and afternoon, we have established the pattern of contacting my 91, almost 92, year old Mom. We go in to town with considerable frequency to check on her and spend a little time with her. Her health, energy, balance and cognitive issues seem to be more and more compromised. As pointed out in a recent article, her situation is not imminent, in terms of dying, but it is necessary we stay alert.

More and more of us are facing the need to be aware of our elderly parents’ welfare. They are living longer and facing more and more challenges as they do so. Assisted Living facilities offer care for those who have some remaining independence. Skilled Nursing is ordinarily the next step, when fewer abilities enable one to take care of themselves quite so well. Every phase is a challenge. Depending on the issues involved with your loved one, more and more attention is demanded as their issues of care needs increase.