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Dec 25th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Cultural chaos in the name of Jeshua’s birth. Deep soulful tears arise as I annually participate in the chaos, too.

What are we teaching our children and those in less fortunate places on this planet earth?

That physical possessions are the greatest gifts and give to us validation in our lives.

Deepest sighs for where we are.
We MUST change.


Dec 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One more week. One week from today and it will all come to its magnificent crescendo of celebration and happiness and shared joy as we celebrate the spirit of the season.

It will be acted out in super numerous ways. While observations will vary, the occasion itself offers much to everyone. While not all mark the day in identical ways, it is a time for reflection and peace, two calming experiences that lend themselves to our coming together as human beings with much in common. In the First World War, a time was set aside in which both sides observed a brief armistice. Peace fell on the battlefields of Europe and mankind understood, at least for a moment, that the quest for santiy and tranquility is universal.

Senior Finance: Redefine Gift Giving

Dec 6th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Finances

Gift giving at holiday times has been a tradition for many years.  We senior citizens have experienced it all our lives, so we’re talking about at least 100 years; history suggests gift-giving goes back several millennia.  And with the introduction of the credit card, many of us buy gifts irregardless of our finances because we want to […]