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Seniors: When Pain and Hurt Strike

Sep 30th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Most of us are familar with the presence and discomfort of pain and hurt in our lives. Sometimes it makes itself known physically. At others it is pyschological. On still other occasions it is introduced as deeply emotional. It has ramifications all too exacting, all too real, all too sudden.

When it comes, we expect that it may be something that can be managed. But, its presence may be surprising and may catch us completely off guard. After all, how is it that persons who have shared life together can come to that moment when pain and hurt dominate the years of commitment and shared living? How is it that persons who have known the depths of familial acquaintance can come to that moment of traumatic alienation? And, how is it that that experience is recognized for what it is, not a fleeting moment of separation, but a dramatic and heart