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Senior Caregiving for Parents With Dementia

Sep 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Sometimes it takes a while for topics for this blog to formulate in my brain… and other times ideas just pop up in the course of daily living as a senior citizen and I think, I’ve got to write in SCJ about that; others must be having the same experience.

That happened yesterday when I received a call from my sister about our father (age 95) and step-mother (almost 83). Although Dad’s is seriously advanced, dementia hit both of them as they aged. As is typical, Dad can remember specific times in his childhood, and recounts them over and over and over again. However, his short term memory is shot, and he repeats himself many times because he cannot hold on to a thought more than about 60 seconds. He knows his memory is ‘gone’ and expresses his sadness about that.