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Mar 26th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Scheduled for surgery next week, one is prone to wonder: “What’s next?” None of us, as we age is immune from the possibilities that confront us as we age. Visiting with a long time acquaintance the other evening, now in her 90’s, I learned she has been through a rough time over the past year. She is not the type to dwell on her limitations or physical down turns. She is the type to report what’s going on, briefly, and to move on to other more provocative subjects, the likes of which have kept her vital and intriguing as she has celebrated her birthdays.

Of course, it is not great fun to be plagued with one or another physical set backs. Come they do and will. Our choices remain. How we decide to manage them, deal with them, and stay in charge remains our challenge. It is so refreshing to experience someone who has clearly chosen to be undeterred by what might be a brooding kind of existence. There are countless