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Sep 23rd, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Good Morning, Seniors. In 7 days we will come to the end of September, another month’s passing and we will be at the threshold of November. A few days beyond that, well, you know.

Knowing and doing are partners. Knowing means awareness. Doing means taking action. With the moon’s phases having gone through its autumnal routine and winter on its way, by November we will be ready to take the next step: action!

Well, maybe. Not so fast now. I have a little more digesting to do. The debates come in there somewhere.

Looking For Paradise

Jul 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

While it is less and less likely that a paradise can be found, many senior citizens are still diligent in their search. Our travel section is so well visited and places and sites are so often searched that it is clear surfers are looking for places to go, sites to see, tranquility to experience. We seniors really are desperate these days for a captivating environment, where surroundings are serene and opportunities for a pleasant get away really do exist. They are out there, but the search requires diligence, discipline and care. It is so easy, as in so many things these days, to be unpleasantly surprised. The definition of paradise also needs to be carefully drawn. Finding where to go, how able you are to afford it, what may be the danger signs as you research it all are very necessary steps before leaving your own domicile.

I leave the technicalities of the search

Ten Least Liked Subjects or Personalities

Jul 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

I have reported here how little respect and appreciation I have for the bad news of our times and those who proffer it. It seems that bad news and negative commentaries have become a major industry, a big item on the New York Stock Exchange. Those who have cultivated it (is that the right word?) are harvesting millions just to sound the rage of anger and disapproval, despair and disdain of the world about us. They trumpet their hate, their suspicions and paranoia and spew it out upon the ears and eyes of those of us who can choose to believe them, to allow them into our conscious understandings, to distort our own ability to think through issues.

There will be those who will rush to defend these charlatans of the truth. They will need to protect them, as if they were tiny seedlings, seeking to take