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Aug 4th, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The invitation came offering me the wonderful occasion to be a part of a congregation celebrating its 100th anniversary. Allowing for appropriate evaluation of my health conditions, it was concluded that making the trip and participating in the event could not happen this time. Of course, that means it would not ever be a possibility ever again.

The invitation came from a young man whose parents I had known well now almost fifty years ago and over a period of almost two decades. The church, an African American congregation in Omaha, Nebraska, had been my spiritual home while living in that city. It nurtured me, was the scene of our son’s baptism, encouraged my forays into the issues of mid 60’s and for another twenty years.


Oct 31st, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Discussing the stages of aging may seem like a trite, overworked exercise. However, it is a profound and persistent challenge to all of us as we reach 60 and beyond. It starts long before 60, but the magic of 60 is likely prompted by our having already been a member of AARP for a few years, considering retirement, looking at the issues surrounding medicare, experiencing a few health matters that remind us of aging, and knowing that the slope of the hill has changed from climbing to coming down off the mountain.

So we begin evaluating our own aging and what is in store for us. Birthdays, we admit, take on a different sheen. They are more grey and less red and blue and other exciting colors that remind us of happy childhood. Continuing to find ways to celebrate by marking the decades (who hasn’t had an over the hill party?) attempt to inject frivolity, an avoidance of reality, and an escape, at least for a