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Senior Citizen Summer, and Not

Jun 7th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Summer is that schizophrenic season when it is can be both delicious and intolerable. It comes upon us, just after its introduction by way of tornadoes, floods and other cataclysmic events. We idolize it with thoughts of fire flies, longer days, cook outs, vacations, Little League games and watermelon. It is a time that allows for a lazy nap in the hammock, under the shade of a gigantic oak tree. It is a time when we are thankful for both air conditioning and swimming pools. It is a time to be free of some experiences like cold winter weather, while burdened with others, mowing grass, pulling weeds, mosquitoes, and perspiration.

“Summer time,” goes the old lyric, “and the living is easy.” However, news reports suggest Americans are less likely to take vacations than our European counterparts. We keep on working, and forthe unemployed wishing for work. Too bad the