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Seniors: Living Longer than Expected

Sep 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Whether it is you or your parents or in-laws, living longer than expected can introduce major issues and considerations within a family. Longevity is now one of the additional challenges faced by more and more of us. We are just living longer and, with that, are maintaining reasonably good health. There are some threatening indicators that may deter the desire to live longer, such as dementia, immobility, etc. However, all things being equal, living into one’s 90’s and even beyond, is now a realistic possibility.

While living longer may bring with it certain advantages and even blessings, it may also produce some conflicts, demands and adjustments that must be calculated in the equation. Enjoying having a loved one around for a longer life can lead to many joys. It can produce unexpected gifts in relationships and interchanges not possible if one is bedridden and not functional mentally. So, preparing for the possibility of a family member living longer, with reasonably good health, requires some intentional preparations.