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Aug 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Second guessing is like wishing… useless, unproductive, aimless and a waste of time and thought. Engaging in “If I had only” or “should have dones” is a pursuit leading only to dead ends. Deciding to put your energy into what you can do and doing it is a far wiser course. So why do we get detoured by reflecting and trying to change outcomes that have already taken their shape and produced their consequences?

Likely, one of the reasons is that we just can’t believe our earlier choice is now completely out of our control. Thinking we are smart enough to have made a different, more palatable choice, seems to haunt us. But the haunting does not alter the outcome. Putting aside a decision, once made, as the one we were equipped to make at the time, is a way to move on. Dwelling on a choice previously made does not in any way affect your own circumstances. If anything, it just makes them worse. “Oh, how