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Add New Post: How Senior Moments is Written

Jul 29th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Every weekday, the line at the top of the page reads ADD NEW POST. Every weekday the reminder is there telling me I must come up with another article. Five of them a week. So far Senior Moments has hosted almost 500 such articles. Some have been mediocre, others a little more stimulating, still others have likely not generated much to their credit. This has been going on for two years come this August. As Cool Hand Luke declared in the movie of the same name, when he was calculating his next escape, “It gives me something to do.” So does Senior Moments. It gives me something to do. Retirees frequently search for meaning and purpose; those conditions are necessary for productive aging. The computer age is a bonus for many retirees; the computer is a marvelous instrument. Its sounds are not particularly musical, but its servant-hood in doing what I ask it to do is.

Whatever else I might have been doing when pecking out