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Dec 7th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Almost no holiday comes that doesn’t conjure up thoughts of Christmases past. Usually those feelings are prompted when transferring, from box to special spots throughout the house, all the long collected trinkets and holiday garlands, wreaths and tree ornaments that have been a part of family festivities for so many years.

Each one holds a special memory, a recollected moment, a Christmas that carried with it such sentiment that placing or hanging it almost always brings a tear or sometimes a smile. At 74, there are those pieces that recall memories of friends and family who shared in holiday celebrations, now what feels like long ago.

No matter how bedraggled some of those special pieces have become, they remain special and memorable and tug at heart and prompt moments of unrivaled joy and satisfaction. Part of the inexplicable value of those dog eared mementos is that they have been a part of


Jan 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

An exercise for those who are so inclined, during these days as a new year begins, is to reflect on The Days When. Remembering is one of those experiences most of us enjoy, maybe more so as we grow older and as one year fades into another.

REMEMBER: all the good times. Recall the days when life seemed fuller and joy seemed greater, and happiness seemed more frequent. Do not spoil your recollections with sadness. Do not cave to the times that were unpleasant. Just be aware of all the good things that have filled your life with remarkable and precious pieces that help create the masterpiece that is you.

REMEMBER: all the wonderful people who helped you build your life into the magnificent temple it has become. A place where your heart and soul have taken on characteristics that create respect from others, a roof that covers all who come