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Jan 22nd, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Yesterday opened an invigorating moment for seniors who are ready for optimism. The crowds, exceeding estimates, at the Washington Mall signaled a new energy, a refreshing readiness, an enthusiasm for a new day.

A shift, definite and wide spread, has begun taking place in America. While some may not have picked up on it quite yet, there is a positive mood beginning to sweep the country. It’s really okay to be optimistic. We’ve had enough of the down side. It’s time to look up, to see the sun shining, to hear laughter, to feel a sense of pride in America, to be a part of a new dynamic, to be caught up by a new determination.

Indicators have been increasing in showing us how that shift is occurring. The mood of America is moving


Jan 25th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The next eleven months are likely to produce more consternation than satisfaction. Expecting a miracle is likely a vain endeavor. America’s political and social climates have been reduced almost to ashes. The fury looms large, as it seeks to decimate those who are declared candidates. One by one the lustre of their shine dulls and the promise of their leadership dims. Can anyone withstand the furious anger and the dynamite charges to reputation and background?

While hope springs eternal and some are forever optimistic, some of that is fed by machinations and manipulations that would shame even the most naive. Can we expect anything good to emerge from so much that is bad? If America is so committed to the principle of “In God we Trust,” who among those who claim God’s inspiration can be trusted? Is there any demonstration of truth and integrity that can be unearthed?