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Jun 4th, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Having the experience of emotional and psychological interruptions, there comes a time to take the villains by the shoulders and shake vigorously. Recognizing that no matter the nature of the senior experience, your taking full control of your emotional state is necessary in order to have a worthwhile and rewarding day to day existence.

It is ours to determine the shape and texture of our personalities, whether to be a person whose disposition is off putting, or one whose behavior is inviting and enjoyable to encounter.

There are numerous and unexpected occasions in our lives that offer making the choice from living


Nov 15th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Be it therefore resolved that this day is a good morning to BE ALIVE! It is a good morning for awakening to new pursuits, to quelling long held frustrations, to quitting bad habits, to taking care of yourself, to being a person others enjoy, to eating healthy foods, to cultivating a clear mind and encourage a good conscience, to be thankful for all the wonderful gifts of living, to affirm others who mean so much to you, to stand for truth, right, justice, fairness and a world of joy, to be in the game full force and ready to make a difference, to do things you have put off too long, to lift up someone who has fallen, to stand beside someone who needs you, to inspire others with a smile, a kind word, a gentle touch, a friendly nod.

If all this isn’t enough for you to have a good day, perhaps you can make your own list, not leaving out an emphasis on cultivating your own spirit, nor forgetting to enjoin the spirit of another.


Oct 31st, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Discussing the stages of aging may seem like a trite, overworked exercise. However, it is a profound and persistent challenge to all of us as we reach 60 and beyond. It starts long before 60, but the magic of 60 is likely prompted by our having already been a member of AARP for a few years, considering retirement, looking at the issues surrounding medicare, experiencing a few health matters that remind us of aging, and knowing that the slope of the hill has changed from climbing to coming down off the mountain.

So we begin evaluating our own aging and what is in store for us. Birthdays, we admit, take on a different sheen. They are more grey and less red and blue and other exciting colors that remind us of happy childhood. Continuing to find ways to celebrate by marking the decades (who hasn’t had an over the hill party?) attempt to inject frivolity, an avoidance of reality, and an escape, at least for a