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Jan 11th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Tell someone everyday that you love them. Don’t wait for some external provocation. Initiate it yourself. Be generous in your exclamations. Be thoughtful in your generous sharing of love. You and whomever you share this experience with will be enriched by it. Even if you don’t receive feedback right away, don’t give up. Keep this as your top priority all year long.

Communicate with the people in your life who have been and continue to be special and important to you. When this year ends, don’t end it with regrets. Choose those whom you know will be moved by your remembering them. If they don’t reciprocate, that’s okay. It is your move that counts.


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On the first full day of my 73rd year, accumulated experience, countless mistakes, stumblings and fumblings, lots of learned lessons, and a continuing series of ups and downs should qualify me for something. At the least, may I attempt another in a long line of columns which express a world view that works for me?

NEW YEAR’S DAY: the first day of a new year may feel like an opportunity for starting over. It is not. We carry some baggage with us from the past. Some has been discarded, thankfully. But some remains. Identifying what in that baggage should not be carried a step further is part of the process of beginning a refreshing new year.

NEW YEAR’S TOMORROWS: Making some major life shifting resolutions will take determination. It will also

Happy New Year from Senior Citizen Journal

Jan 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Happy New Year to all our faithful SCJ friends!!  May 2011 open doors for more loving relationships, more living as the best of the best taught us, and developing our abilities to give more than we thought we had to give.  We share this New Year Prayer with you as we all look forward to […]