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Oct 27th, 2011 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Something can be said for a messy desk. It likely can be the sign of procrastination, which is a cousin to laziness, or promise, which is a nephew or niece of potential. If procrastination, it may be that under all that clutter and mishmash which makes up the surface of a desk, there lurks some good stuff in which is locked some really profound inspiration. That also may just be rationalization at work, putting off again the occasion to do something about the mess.

Or, it may be promise. It may be like kindling for a fire, that without it, there could be no blaze, no warmth, no light. There must be some reason we keep all the stuff we do. There must be some explanation why we think all those scribbled notes, kept quotes, unexplained and indecipherable notes were worth keeping. Until one day, either through the provocation of another, e.g. spouse, friend or neighbor, the question is asked “What is all that stuff?” Then you have received the nudge, or is it challenge, to do something