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Aug 9th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The next door neighbor to my Mom in the Care Facility where she resides heard the knock of mortality this past week. Surgery introduced him and us to how close it is. He returned from the hospital with the message, shared by the physicians, that it is now only a matter of time. Not a pleasing message to hear. Not an encouraging word to ready oneself for what’s next. Complications from surgery brought the message home. Sometimes, it seems, living with things as they are may be better than trying to trick mortality out of a “little while longer.” Whatever the circumstances now it is a matter of keeping the patient comfortable and patiently await the inevitable. Not a pleasant prospect, in any case.

And yet, when mortality knocks there are several available options to consider. They are, by definition, not


Sep 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Having a realistic and well defined understanding of mortality does not speed its coming. On the contrary, recognizing the inevitability of our own mortality enables us to open all the doors and windows to living a full life. Denial, it has been said, is not a river in Egypt. Having a healthy perspective on my own mortality means that I can embrace life and all its implications, likelihoods, and definites.

When I can say to myself, boldly, without fear, “I am going to die,” I have taken charge of my present. I have also recognized what the future holds. I do not have to dread it, fear it, avoid it, give it any power. It will happen. How? When? Under what circumstances? I can’t know. But I can know that it will come. I do not have to adopt a macabre attitude about it. I do not have to wear it on my sleeve. I don’t have to bring it up with others.