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Jun 12th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Children and grandchildren may not really grasp how much we enjoy them. As seniors age, one of the satisfactions of aging is to discover that our offspring and theirs bring us enormous pleasure and reward. Having them want to be with us, spend time in our home, enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday contact are all compliments beyond measure. Being given permission to enter their world, to share in their experiences, to hear of their adventures, to know their joys all come as gifts unwrapped one by one.

Just knowing of all the options available to them at their age and with all they have going on, they want to be with us, to hear our stories, to share in our lives, no matter how dull or boring they may seem. This is truly a gift beyond price. Treasure the moment, savor the fleeting passing of time when you are together. Store away the memories.