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Seniors: What If We Seize the Day?

Oct 25th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

What would happen if seniors, this election season, seized the day? What if all the goodness and grace and objectivity and wisdom and experience that has become a part of our make up were called upon to challenge all the nastiness, rudeness, meanness, below the belt, unintelligent behavior? What if, we decided to make a difference that would/could shift the deterioriating nature of our public exchanges to conversations and dialogue that would show respect and honor and the proposition that “honorable people disagree.” It is no longer prudent to disagree, it seems. It seems that either one has to declare for one side or the other. There is no ground in between. Absolutes have been given sway. Unfortunately this is at the root of the nasty, angry behavior of which we see and hear so much.

But, what if we seize the day? What if we