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Jan 23rd, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The prospect of losing your driver’s license looms large as certain of our faculties begin to slow. It is not a prospect most of us face with candid and resolute willingness. Many fight against it, to the bitter end. Many refuse to allow the realities of declining sharpness to be acknowledged. It will come and it will insist upon its own way.

Some of the issues that meet us with their frank openness and literal demand are easy to observe: Limited mobility for getting into and out of a vehicle, ability to park within necessary lines, managing the knobs and controls of your vehicle, visual recognition of warning lights and other read outs in your car, seeing behind you when backing up, clarity of vision for reading signs, recognizing stop lights, warning lights, crosswalks, etc., exiting your car with necessary brakes applied, shutting off certain instruments, being sure the car is in the proper gear, dealing with distractions while driving, e.g. conversations, etc.