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Sep 22nd, 2014 | By Sharon Shaw Elrod MSW EdD | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The caregiving community is growing rapidly, and caregivers everywhere share their experience and heartaches and joys in an attempt to help make it better for others. The need for caregiving tips and information is as great as the need to share one’s experience with others. In the sharing, we frequently find validation for the emotional part of this journey.

Much has been said and written about caregiving for parents and family friends. The relationship that is sometimes left out is the marriage partner. Caregiving for one’s husband or wife has unusual considerations that are not present in other kinds of situations.


Dec 11th, 2013 | By Sharon Shaw Elrod MSW EdD | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The Internet guides for caregivers are so numerous it is difficult to both count them and sort them into helpful categories. A simple query, such as ‘caregiving issues’, produces over a million responses. And many of the articles offer very good advice for caregivers seeking help managing the sometimes overwhelming demands on their time.

Suggestions for caregivers ring similar tones… ask for help; accept offers of help; take time off to spend with friends; meditate; relaxation routines… All the advice is helpful, and much of it is focused on what to do for yourself as a caregiver. Individual response will be based on individual need and what ‘works’ for each.


Dec 10th, 2011 | By Sharon Shaw Elrod MSW EdD | Category: For Senior Women

The Strain of Caregiving The caregiving stories, advice and tips available on the Internet help all us caregivers learn more about how to do our job better.  Most of us want to do the best job we can taking care of our elderly loved ones.  They were there for us when we were younger, and [...]

Baby Boomer-Caregivers Seek Answers

Oct 5th, 2010 | By Sharon Shaw Elrod MSW EdD | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Baby Boomers increasingly are finding themselves caregiving for elderly parents and friends. It’s a daunting task that most of us are not trained for, and we’re feeling the stress. AlzheimersReadingRoom provides some interesting data from a recent study:

More than 80 percent of Baby Boomers said they feel moderate to high levels of stress related to the care or support they are giving to children, spouses and/or parents.
Nearly half of young Baby Boomers surveyed (46.6 percent) reported feeling worried about how caregiving is impacting their job.
Younger Baby Boomers’ worries could be linked to the fact that more than half of this group (68 percent)