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Let’s Talk About Guns

Jun 22nd, 2015 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Let’s talk about guns today. Many, if not most, of us seniors likely grew up with guns in the house. I remember Dad’s guns were kept in a locked cabinet. He took the shotguns out every fall just before hunting season began in Iowa. He cleaned them and had them ready for opening day of pheasant season. That day, he and my younger tom-boy sister were up before dawn, heading out with friends to hunt pheasants in the cornfields surrounding the little town where we lived.

Our family met extended family members one day at a shooting range and we all shot at clay pigeons. At age 10 or so, I remember learning how to use a 4-10 shotgun that day. Daddy showed me how to follow the clay pigeon flying through the air, and pull the trigger when i had it in my sights. I followed the instructions, pulled the trigger when I thought I had it in my sights, and the clay pigeon shattered into a thousand pieces when the lead from the cartridge hit the flying object