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Oct 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Aging brings with it a plethora of personal choices. If, when you were younger, you imagined yourself at a later age, that was a way of imaging who you would become. Some of us selected mentors, admired adults, persons’ qualities we found worthy of emulating. As we matured, we picked from among those impressions characteristics of our persona that we thought might work for us. The way we carried ourselves, our choice of dress and wardrobe, our mannerisms, our sense of etiquette, our personality were likely all influenced by persons we observed and admired.

Among those identities would be those we would fashion and improve upon in progressive stages. We don’t change our persona consciously, for the most part, and certainly not on a time line. It usually comes about gradually, sometimes without ready awareness that we are making or have made a change. Usually, but not always, it is for the better. Most of the time, most friends and family perceive the