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Dec 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It is no small task to keep up with all the people, older friends, long time acquaintances whom seniors wish to remember at holiday time. Even with the Internet, it is still possible that they will have slipped between the cracks since last year. Moves, death, disability, choice, misplaced means for contact all contribute to our being absent to people who have long meant much to us. It is an undertaking to identify where they are now, what their life is like, how we are to be in touch with them.

Doing so, however, offers huge reward. Slipping the bonds of contact is not something we do intentionally. It just happens. And with that, we have misplaced a treasure of our life, never to be regained.

Before we are too deep into the holidays, seniors deserve to take the time to do the archeology necessary to uncover means for staying in touch with long time friends. It may require considerable digging. It may mean a minimal investment. It may take some phone calls. But once the discovery is made, the reward is