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Apr 15th, 2012 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

For many, today marks the most secular day in the calendar of events which occur every year. While, falling on a Sunday, April 15 is usually more notoriously known for the official deadline for submitting one’s taxes to the Government. Since it falls on Sunday, the tax deadline is given two more days of grace, before midnight April 17, Tuesday.

Thus, we are able to set aside, if we dare, submitting our tax forms until Tuesday , which is just one more way to allow procrastinators to completely ruin another week. We dare not, or, at least, do so at our own peril, delay beyond that. Doing so is fraught with its own pitfalls and intimidations.

What is really critical about all this is that there are many more important and critical things about this day that marks our