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Nov 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

For Boomers who are still adjusting to the thrill of retirement and the flood of surprises, joys, tribulations and terrific opportunities that come with it, you may need to take a few moments to explore “how things are going so far?”

I must confess to some jealously toward you and your ilk. I was not born after WW2, but during it. Those times shaped me immeasurably. Because it was a time for sacrifice and loyalty and patriotism of a kind, not seen or experienced since, all of that worked its way into influencing who I have become. Now, however, we are on a more equal footing. We are retired, and coming with that have been some startling and unexpected downturns that are working on our world view, our economic reality, our cultural experience, our political mind set.