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Seniors: Mortality’s Reminders

Mar 25th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It was” deja vu all over again,” to quote one of the immortals, Yogi Berra. With the passing of Elizabeth Taylor the other day, the drama of our own lives seems to be replayed. Remembering her and her movies, a ritual that engages us with all celebrities, pulls at our heart strings, sentiments, and awareness of the passage of time. Can it be we have lost another one with whom we shared life, if only on the screen?

Every year around December 31, the roll call is repeated of the ones we knew and now have faded from the scenes of our own lives. And, every time, we mourn their passing, for it is, albeit, a recognition of our own imminent demise. It is said that Liz, a name she deplored, outlived her obituary writer, as did Bob Hope. Perhaps all of us would like to do that. But, for most of us, our’s hasn’t been composed yet.