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Nov 5th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

After tomorrow, assuming there is a clear election and not a deadlock, there will be no do overs. Whoever is elected will be the President for four years. Whoever is elected will be handed the reins of power. Whoever is elected will be tested for integrity, honesty, confidence in his ability to lead, compassion for those he leads. There will be no do overs if your candidate isn’t the one who receives the wreath of victory.

Many before Tuesday will have already cast their vote. Many more want to, but in some quarters, namely Florida as the worst example, are being denied that right and opportunity. What a shamefully blatant act of misused power. There can be no do overs for politicians who make choices that deter the democratic process from working smoothly and well.
There will be no do overs if we discover that the one elected is in fact lacking in the qualities that America is begging for.


Jun 27th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

With all the blatantly ugly shenanigans going on politically in every arena, do you seniors have little to no appetite for politics in these months leading up to November? The indifferent exclamation of “who cares” about seems to say it. There is so much rough shod treatment of the American public. There is little respect shown to the voter. There is almost no regard for those who elect those who disregard so readily. Is it going to make any real difference when the election season finally ends that we paid attention? If so the difference may be that matters only get worse, elected “officials” only more insensitive. There are a few left. To name one, Bernie Sanders, who still tries to stand up for the self interest of the American public. There aren’t many who demonstrate that statesmanship is still alive and well.