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Fires, Floods and Favors

Jun 9th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Whatever the disaster, experienced by so many this spring, it has about it a doubly heavy burden in view of the economy and unemployment and other magnified issues facing so many today. To imagine being added to the roll call of those without bodes ill for senior citizens and their families.

So we come to the matter of recovery. We come to a reflection of neighborliness, kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration. Across the country there have been many, from individuals to corporations, who have bucked up to offer demonstrated compassion. But, there is one glaring curmudgeon who stands out as a symbol of the “Scrooge” principle choosing to deny aid to those who need it so desperately. He is Eric Cantor, a representative, like so many, who, impressed with his power, would withhold aid to those affected by these multiplied disasters. No funds for them, says he, unless

Seniors: The Day Before the Storm

Apr 26th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

What were you doing the day before the storm hit in your area? Likely, you were living your life, acting out your routine, doing ordinary and wonderful things, just enjoying being alive.

But today, how is it? The storm,which gathered momentum and picked up steam and debris on its way to your house or business or neighborhood, has now left its terrible calling card. There is little to salvage, hardly anything to keep, just piles and mounds of lost treasures, forlorn memories, hardly anything worth recovering.

The multitude of things you had rather be doing today has been interrupted by the overwhelming demands of what you must do. Where do you start? People come by, some to offer kind help, others to gawk, others to cry with you. Some, with less damage, just want to be here with you, while you adjust to having lost literally everything.