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Nov 20th, 2011 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

This Thanksgiving give thinking thankfulness a try for at least 16 hours of the day. Just for today or Thursday or whenever you are celebrating the occasion this year, lend yourself to thinking thankful thoughts. Write them down, if you wish. Post them on the refrigerator, but remove all else that would distract from them. Put up extra paper so that others may join in your exercise. Use bright, colorful markers. Come up with pithy and clever phrases. Don’t worry about spelling. It’s the thought that counts. Think Thankfulness. Add in some provocative art. Be creative. make the day and its expressions a masterpiece.

Be sure your first thought includes an invitation to others who may be in your kitchen on these holidays to join in expressing themselves. This is the creation of synergy. The more who participate, the more exciting and involving it becomes. Use your noodle. Tout your feelings. Don’t hold back. Tell someone who will be in your home how much you love them. Write in large


Sep 14th, 2011 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Thanksgiving will likely be a somewhat more meaningful, perhaps more somber occasion this year. Its commemoration is more family centered, more focused on blessings and the shared gift of love, more identified with a national sense of feeling good about having made it through the year so far, more centered on the gift of peace and harmony and one another than on physical gifts. It allows for us to reflect and be thankful.

That may be what we always do, but this year seems to carry with it an extra helping of our needing to be aware what it takes to keep the fabric of our national identity sewn together. The rancor, among political interests, the abrasiveness of language, the mean attacks and almost libelous accusations thrown against others, these are reason enough for a time of calm, a chance to collect ourselves, an occasion to be aware what gets left out in the midst of our cataclysmic