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Dec 26th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Some are allowed an extra day to share in the spirit of the season. Because Christmas this year fell on a Sunday, the day is extended beginning with a half day off on Saturday, all day on Sunday and a full day on Monday. What that has a tendency to do is to treat it much like presidential holidays that are observed now on Mondays. It lends itself to those who travel having extra time to travel or to enjoy those who do.

The day after carries no official symbolism, but is granted amnesty by those who are fortunate enough to work in arenas that allow for time off. The irony is that theologically, while some quit the day as soon as midnight on the 25th arrives, the three wise men haven’t even really made much headway toward the scene of birth, celebrated on the 25th, but not consummated until Epiphany, twelve days later.