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Jul 8th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

On a plane returning to Dallas, we were seated in the bulkhead. Our seat mate was a young man about ten years old. It was obvious there was a trace of anxiety and sadness in the air. It appeared he was making his way to be with a parent for part of his summer vacation. Clearly, he was not happy and his disposition suggested his reluctance to make the trip.

During a brief lay over, the flight attendant for the front of the plane picked up on the young man’s discontent. Before the passengers boarded, she wisely and gently herded him off the plane for what, I’m guessing, was a grandmotherly talk. After some minutes they returned to the plane, he took his seat and seemed to be more settled, less tense.

During the second leg of the trip, the attendant found opportunity to check him out, to determine how he was doing. She stepped