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Aug 16th, 2011 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

In spite of everything, the economy, the long and drawn out wars, the upheaval in the stock market, the numbers of unemployed, the empty shelves at food banks, the inability of politicians to be creatively engaged in problem solving, the rancor and malice so widely shared and expressed, the numbers of younger people facing the dismal prospects of job hunting, the fears of seniors as our survival is threatened, international turmoil and unrest (can the list get any longer), seniors are still attempting to maintain a semblance of reason, hope and calm.

Hard to do? No question. But the alternative, that is to join in the fray, is certainly not desirable or helpful. Even with unsettling weather patterns and the soon to be unfortunate attention being paid on the upcoming election, it will be ours to choose to head off despair. Settling in to a state of mind that sees everything negatively, no matter the temptation, is a