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Sep 7th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

While one may quickly think of tributes and congratulations related to those who graduate from a school of learning during this season, it has nothing to do with that. Although, it could. Graduations mark an enormously important moment in a senior’s life experience. It looks ahead, it relies on what has been learned, it anticipates what is next. But the graduation to which we refer has nothing to do with these long expected occasions. Indeed, this graduation is not a moment for gift giving, nor is it a time for attending huge ceremonies where diplomas are proffered. Indeed it is a very solemn and often sad moment. My guess is you are catching my drift by now.

When seniors graduate, for those of us who have already been through all the matriculation opportunities and exercises earlier in our life experience, the most remarkable graduation is upon our passing. Death marks the final graduation. The


Jan 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste are all essential to our daily existence. There are no guarantees that they will always and forever function well as we grow older. When various conditions develop which alter the sharpness of any of these senses, we are met with a sudden and dramatic realizations of how critically important and vital each of them is.

A recent diagnosis of macular degeneration has offered both a surprise and an adjustment I was not quite ready to make. Over the past year, however, I had become aware, since receiving my last correction in my eye glasses, that I was having difficulty making out signs at a distance and recognizing people across a room. These were obviously symptoms that were bothersome and telling. Indeed they were. For when I went to two physicians to get independent opinions, I was met with the same verdict. Increasingly, computer work, reading chiron on television, making out images at a distance have all become more of a challenge.


Sep 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Seniors are frequently met with not imminent, but necessary situations in which a preemptive readiness serves well. When health situations are such that there are increasingly present symptoms of not feeling “well” or “right,” this usually portends the need for a physician’s review. There come times when even that may not address whatever is going on. Such times open the door for being ready to take necessary additional steps.

Before there are any health issues which suggest death may be near, this is a good time to evaluate the details that will, at some point, inevitably follow. Most seniors have made preparations, particularly if they have lived in the same place for a long time, their partner has predeceased them, they have had a series of illnesses or have been guided to take care of their own wishes in advance. Especially is it important for everyone involved to be aware of those wishes.