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Seniors Targeted by Scam Artists

Senior citizens, with their lifelong savings stacked up, as well as a habit of not checking free credit reports frequently, make for a perfect target for identity thieves nowadays. The federal government has
thereby requested senior citizens to stay alert against the prevalent medicare scams that may separate them from their hard-earned money in no time. Given below are the details of the three main medicare scams and how older Americans can avoid falling into their trap:

The Healthcare Reform Scams

As the spotlight of media switches to issues other than the healthcare reform, scammers are now sneaking out to take advantage of seniors’ under-awareness about the new legislation, with limited-time enrollment opportunity for “health care reform insurance policies.” These scammers usually request medicare numbers for gaining absolute protection from the reform. Some audacious thieves may even ask for bank account number for payment of the upfront fee. Be sure that you are not caught in the web of this bogus policy, for there is nothing called “healthcare reform insurance.”

The Poser Scams

Scammers sometimes pose as Medicare employees. They get in touch with you via email, call, or through a letter, asking you for your SSN, credit card number or bank account details. Know that no one from the Federal Government will ever ask you for your SSN, bank account number, or Medicare number. Anyone asking for this information while claiming to be a government’s representative is definitely a criminal. So, ignore any calls or letters that you may receive, asking for these details.

The Free Lunch Scams

Haven’t you ever heard – there is nothing like a “free lunch”? Some crooks, especially common in inner cities, are nowadays trying to lure senior citizens with a free gift or a free lunch and get them to fake medical clinics. At these clinics, these scammers try to get the medicare number from you for their medicare fraud endeavors. Turn these invitations down without question, for no government program offers you free lunches or free gifts to visit a medical clinic.

Apart from losing your lifelong savings, it will not take much time for these identity thieves to screw up your credit reports. So, be prudent in your dealings and know that world may not be as good as it seems.  To survive, you need to be shrewd and understand there are crooks scheming to get your money.  Trusted loved ones and financial counselors are good advisers for senior citizens who need protection to remain safe from scammers.

Alicia Lyttle is a financial consultant and a member of many financial communities.

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