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May 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Social Security & Medicare

Social Security, Medicare and the United States Government!  What a combination! is a web site hub of almost unlimited resources, with seven sub-pages that include kids, teens, parents, Seniors, Military and Veterans, Americans Abroad, Media and More Audiences, (including Americans Living and Traveling Abroad).  The Seniors page really caught SCJ’s attention.

It is a collage of pages dealing with everything from A to Z… the specific list of resources includes:

This list of resources begins to address almost every question a retiree has about her/his life, planning for the future, dealing with issues and problems, and learning how to have fun in retirement.  And the Internet provides unlimited opportunity to gather information, sift through it and come up with a plan to do whatever it is you set out to do in the beginning.  This site is just the ticket for information gathering and research.

SCJ encourages you to click on the links in the list above, explore the information and options provided, and bookmark (set an automatic tab to click on in your Favorites list) the sites you want to use in the future.  You might even want to print this page.  One of these days, SCJ will be providing .pdf files that you can download and save in your computer file box or print if you want to take it with you.  That’s what we are here for.

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