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Get Help to Calculate Your Social Security Benefit

Planning your retirement?  Many Baby Boomers at retirement age are interested in how much their Social Security benefits will be.  Some need to know to determine if they can realistically retire or not.  Others need to know to determine what support their retirement lifestyle will require.  Whatever the circumstance, online Internet websites have some options for looking at how to calculate your Social Security benefit.

The AARP website may be the most helpful to those who need to calculate Social Security retirement income very specifically.  This site offers a step-by-step process of determining what your unique Social Security benefit will be based on the years you worked and contributed to your Social Security account, how old you are, whether you qualify for a spouse’s benefits or not, and other information that is specific to your life.  SCJ urges readers to visit this site first.

Next is the official Social Security site estimator.  On this official government site, you can enter information that is specific to your life situation and determine what benefits you will receive now, and how you might benefit from waiting to apply for Social Security benefits.  This is a great site to use because it is managed by the office in the federal government that provides the benefits.

Then there are some other sites that offer the same kind of assistance, with a slightly different twist.  This one at gives information, very helpful information, and then provides links to sites where you can actually calculate your benefit.  It seems to be a little more dispassionate about the information, from our point of view.

And there are always commercial sites that have services to sell that may help about-to-be-retirees determine if they can actually retire or not.  We won’t provide links to them here, but will tell you that you can enter “find my social security benefits” in your favorite browser window, and a gazillion of them will pop up.


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