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Conversation Begins Now

Senior citizens across the country are clear about Social Security:  Leave.  It.  Alone. We feel frustration, anger and fear over what Congress could do to the financial security that means so much in our personal lives.

A lot of us seniors live on less than $20k a year.  We cannot afford to have our lifeline severed. One out of seven senior citizens now lives in poverty in the United States.  Millions of us live on lower-middle incomes.  Millions more will retire in the next decade and be living on low Social Security benefits ($1250-$1500 a month).

AARP is beginning a national discussion “…to develop the tools and strategy for strengthening health care and retirement security and for restoring prosperity to the middle class.”  It’s starting now.

Social Security is NOT a Piggy Bank for Deficit Reduction

Congress needs to reduce the deficit by means other than putting our retirement security (and health care via Medicare) in jeopardy. There are a number of good suggestions on the table that Congress can consider, that will work to reduce the deficit in a reasonable amount of time.  Congressmen and women have to put aside their political party affiliations and make decisions that benefit the people affected.  It appears that’s impossible for the current group of people in Congress to do.

Shame on them.  If my five year old son were behaving in a selfish and greedy fashion on the playground, I would impose a time-out and not allow him to return to the playground until he agreed to be cooperative, giving and unselfish.  Congress needs a time out, and perhaps a permanent one, since they are supposed to be rational adults who are incapable of being fair and reasonable.

AARP CEO Barry Rand recently said this:  “Next month, AARP will kick off a serious national conversation focused on finding ways to strengthen health care and retirement security and restore prosperity to the middle class.   (AARP members) want a national conversation that will lead to answers and action. They are anxious to hear solutions that address the problems faced by real people. They want to hear ideas that would lead to more jobs, bring efficiency, economy and fairness to health care and provide greater financial security.”

Rand said the goal of the national conversation is “…to ensure that current and future generations receive the benefits they’ve earned over a lifetime. With your ideas, your input and your involvement, we can achieve this goal.”

SCJ thinks this effort is worthy of support, and we encourage our readers to get involved in the conversation.

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