Medicare Web Site Guidance for Senior Citizens

Jan 7th, 2010 | By | Category: Social Security & Medicare

The Medicare web site offers a multitude of services for senior citizens, and new enrollees may find registration for online access to their personal Medicare account very helpful.

To enroll, once on the site, click on “Need to Register:  Sign Up” and you will be led through a process of registering to access your personal Medicare account online.  Once enrolled, you will find pages that provide you with your personal health record, your claims, your providers, preventive services you qualify for, description of your health and drug plans, your drug costs and a personal mail box for messages from Medicare (especially helpful to get online messages, forms and publications).

On the claims page, you can view your current and historical claim status, giving you data for tax records as well as doctor visits.

You can order a duplicate CMS explanation of benefits; CMS is the Center foMedicare Services that generates Medicare Summary Notices (MSN) and replacement Medicare Cards.

You can view eligibility and entitlement information geared to your personal situation; you can also review the list of preventive services that you are eligible for at any given time.

Your enrollment information including prescription drug plans is available on your personal site also; this is especially good to review at the time you can change plans–November 15 through December 31 of every year.  You can also view and modify your drug formulary (list) and pharmacy information on this page.

Finally, your current mailing address on record with Medicare is identified on this site, and you can change it in th event of a move.  

SCJ recommends that Seniors register for online access to their Medicare account for efficiency as well as immediacy of information.

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